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United Nations Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC) Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations has endorsed in its ordinary session, which started on Monday, the consultant status of Qatar’s Silatech foundation. ECOSOC is set to ratify the committee’s recommendation in its co-ordination meeting on April 18.

Silatech, which was granted consultancy status at ECOSOC, is one of the leading institutions in the Arab world. Since its establishment in 2008, it has achieved several accomplishments that reflected on the future of Arab youth who were provided with practical skills and linked to real job opportunities. Through its strategies and innovative initiatives, the institution has helped in empowering young people to play a role in economic development, while also seeking to be a partner with international organisations in combating terrorism. In this regard, the Foreign Ministry signed in September a memorandum of understanding on combating terrorism and extremism with Silatech and UN Office of Counter-Terrorism. The memorandum aims to put a framework for co-operation between the ministry, Silatech and the the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism to implement and expand joint initiatives to empower youths in regions of common concern, particularly Africa and Asia.