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Hyatt Plaza is currently hosting its first-ever Arabian Folklore Festival, which features a variety of live shows in collaboration with Shop Qatar 2018. For 10 days, well-known bands from Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan are performing live folklore shows daily at the Hyatt Plaza Food Court.

The shows are being held until Saturday, February 3, from 6.45pm to 9pm, Hyatt Plaza has said in a statement. The bands portray a mix of culture and an insight into the customs and traditions of the different countries through traditional clothes, dance, music, dialect and folklore. The festival is considered a live platform for local and Arabian talents to present their culture and history, amid an ambiance of fun and excitement for families and children at Hyatt Plaza, the statement notes. The first few days of the festival have drawn and impressed a large audience. Hamad Sultan, a member of the audience, said: “I was surprised by the absolute beauty of the shows and the overall presentation. The shows gave us a fascinating glimpse into the culture and traditions of various countries, allowing us to learn and have fun at the same time.” Noor Ahmad added, “I attended the first day and it was amazing, I was excited to come back with my family and am planning to attend the rest of the shows.” Fuad Shaqadan, marketing manager of Hyatt Plaza, said: “As a socially responsible shopping mall in Qatar, we are always committed to supporting and hosting festivals and events that add value to the society.”