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Fuel prices will go up by Dh5 a litre for petrol and Dh10 a litre for diesel in Qatar in February, prices announced by Qatar Petroleum showed on Wednesday.

QP said the price of 95-octane super gasoline (petrol) will be QR1.90 a litre in February compared with QR1.85 in January.

The price of premium petrol (91-octane) will go up to QR1.85 a litre in February in place of QR1.80 in January.

Diesel would be priced QR1.85 in February compared with QR1.75 in January.

Fuel prices in Qatar were allowed to fluctuate in response to changes in the global market from May 2016.

The monthly revision in local fuel prices followed the government’s decision on fuel subsidy reforms in Qatar.