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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is participate in the STEM Conference 2018, which starts today in Newcastle, UK. The three-day conference is being held under the theme of Creativity in Teaching, Learning and Student Engagement.

The ministry’s participation in the conference is part of its preparations for the opening of a specialised scientific school based on the integrated curriculum for science, engineering, technology and mathematics, known as STEM, in September. A delegation from the scientific school project executive team is attending the STEM conference. The ministry’s assistant undersecretary for educational affairs, Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater, highlighted the ministry’s keenness to attend such conferences, noting that this is of great importance in several fields, especially as Qatar is establishing the science and technology school. Al-Khater explained in a press statement that the conference provides great opportunities for exchanging experiences with international institutions, experts and specialists in various fields, thus contributing to the development of the educational process and realising the national vision in building the knowledge economy. STEM conference covers many topics, including teaching leadership through the development of education. It also ensures achieving the goals of learning from the STEM perspective, classroom practices and evaluation in the field of interdisciplinary integration as well as creative educational methods and enhancing student participation through the application of this integrative approach.