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The Public Prosecution has ranked first in the world in the applicationof electronic file-tracking through RFID (radio frequencyidentification). This is an improvement over its performance in 2014, when it was rankedfourth worldwide and first among Arab countries, the official Qatar NewsAgency (QNA) reported yesterday.

The system allows the tracking of files through RFID to ascertain the location, leading to quicker access to them. The system also enables the viewing of file movement records from the moment it arrives at the Public Prosecution. The application of the file tracking system at the Public Prosecution isconsidered the largest in the world in terms of the scope of theapplication and the results thereof. This, in turn, positions Qatar in the lead in the application of this system worldwide, according to QNA. At a press conference attended by Ibrahim Abdullah al-Qubaisi, thedirector of the Judicial Inspection Department at the PublicProsecution, information systems director Maryam Ibrahim Haji said thatthe Public Prosecution’s achievement is part of the implementation ofthe highest standards in the field of information systems and enabled bythe largest project to track files in the world. She noted that the adoption of best techniques in the field is in linewith the directives of Qatar’s leadership to develop the judicial systemand enhance its ability to keep abreast of rapid developments acrossall fields, and to develop necessary systems to ensure the independenceof the judiciary and not prolong litigation. A representative of Feig Electronic, the German manufacturer offile-tracking devices, highlighted the importance of co-operation withthe Public Prosecution. An official from Ogtec, which is concerned with implementation offile-tracking systems in Qatar, said that the project implemented by thePublic Prosecution marks a breakthrough in terms of the high technicalspecifications and quality of devices used. The Public Prosecution began implementing the system of tracking files in 2012.